Standard Air Cylinders are NOT ENGINEERED to withstand the rigorous conditions found in a typical trucking environment.


From rain, snow, ice and heat, to salt, dirt, mud and gravel, your truck is exposed to every possible corrosive element Mother Nature has created in the workplace. While some parts of your truck are protected by these elements, Air Cylinders are not.

Being a Manufacturer of Air and Hydraulic Cylinders for over 50 years, Higginson was approached by a Major Dump Body manufacturer to improve the Air Cylinder Life Cycle on their product. This component was the weak link to their finished product and lead to constant replacement and warranty issues time and time again.

Existing issues causing reduced life and ultimate failure consisted of internal and external seal failure due to low temperatures, external component failure due to salt spray, piston rod damage due to stone contact, bushing, rod and seal failure due to dirt and ice, and ultimately corrosion rendering any possibility of repair.

From seals, to material selection, to the plating of parts, each component and exposed surface was re-evaluated one-by-one, addressing each issue to engineer the toughest air cylinder on the market, specifically designed to be a: 

Trucking Industry Performance Cylinder; The EconoMAX

Fifteen years later, with thousands of EconoMAX Air Cylinders in the field, our product has been tested and proven to not only be durable and resistant to corrosion and premature wear, but tough enough to outperform any traditional air cylinder in the toughest of trucking environments.

IDEAL for Applications such as
Tailgate Latches • Tarp Pull • Belly Dump • Tailgate Lift

Keep your Equipment running with EconoMAX Air Cylinders, One Tough Cylinder!