EconoMAX Air Cylinder Was Designed & Constructed Specifically To Be A Performance Cylinder For The Trucking Industry

From seals, to material selection, to the plating of parts, each component and exposed surface of the EconoMAX Air Cylinder was re-evaluated one-by-one, addressing each issue a standard air cylinder would have, to re-engineer and create the toughest air cylinder on the market. 

design featuresEconoMAX Air Cylinder Construction Features:

1. Rod Wiper: Urethane HW style wiper and secondary seal. Keeps dirt out. -65 to +220F
2. Seal: O-Ring gland seal. -65 to +220F
3. End Seal: Buna N gasket -65 to +220F
4. Piston Rod: Black nitrated ground piston rod provides superior corrosion resistance, better lubrication retention and dent resistance. Surface will not flake and cut rod seal like chrome plated shafting.
5A. Bearing MAX I Design: 660 solid bearing bronze. Note extra long bearing surface for maximum support and resistance to side load. Threads are coated with anti-seize for easy removal.
5B. Bearing MAX II Design: Totally Enclosed Long Nose housing providing a Solid Steel backing and support for the Bronze Lube-for-Life Bearing. Superior Rod support to address bounce and misalignment.
6. Tube: Aluminum alloy tube with a hard-coated “Alumite” smooth bore that has excellent resistance to sliding type wear and abrasion. All cylinders are pre-lubricated for millions of trouble-free cycles.
7. End Caps: Steel with yellow zinc dichromate finish for superior strength and corrosion resistance.
8. Tie Rods: Stainless steel with stainless nuts for corrosion resistance.
9. Piston: Aluminum 6061T6 machined on piece, anaerobically and mechanically locked to the piston rod.
10. Piston Seal: Buna N T-Seal, combination of hard split back up rings on each side of sealing element provides a non-spiraling, ice resistant durable seal. -65 to +220
11. Wear Strip: Reinforced nylon with bronze properties. Prevents tube scoring and helps with breakaway in freezing conditions.
12. Rod Seal: HRU 80 durometer Buna